What good shall I do for Tigrai?

Inspiring the youth! Let's hand over a better vision, capacity and a better self knowledge.

Who We Are

A center for Tigrai youth and aspirants

Have you been wondering what it means to build a country? Have you asked what would be the ultimate atonement for the deep longings and continuous failures of our society? Have you been asking how to pave the way for a truly shining generation? You are one of us. Let's join hands to design our future.
What can we do for Tigrai?

What We Aspire To

... Create a mindful revolution to stir up the youth towards true and lasting civilization, reflecting its own values, dreams and its own grand vision for the Tigrai of today and tomorrow. We believe its time for contemplation. Who are we? What is the imprint of our generation. What does our time reflect as seen from the distant future or from the distant past. If we had our own mark on the ever present timeline, what would our mark be?

Important Note! Due to the shocking war on Tigrai, Tigraihub is working on a global campaign and a call for action whose aim is to raise awareness about the war crimes and human rights violations committed against the Tigraian people in Ethiopia.

May all beings be happy.

Peace is what every individual wishes to have at every moment. When suffering in one way or another comes to the mind it takes away the serenity of the individual and excites him/her to take all ki …


ንትግራይ ዘለኒ ተስፋ

እምበር ንዓኺ እንክሓስብ ደኣ ኣንቲ ሰዓታት’ኳ ኣይርደኣንን። ብታሕጓስ ፍንፅሕ ኢለ ክመውት ይብል። ሕማምኪ ሕማሞም ዝኾነ ቅኑዓት መራሕቲ መሓውርትኺ ክሕልዉ ፀገማትኪ ከርህዉ ለይትን ቀትርን ከም ተሰባሪት ዕሸል እንከሐንቅቑኺ ይርኣየኒ። ንብዓት ደቅኺ ንብዓቶም ፣ ራህዋኺ ከዓ እንኮ ራእዮም ዝኾኑ መራሕቲ ፅባሕ ብ …


Our Latest Twitter Campaigns

1. .@UN reports to have a new wave of "displacement" from #WesternTigray, which is currently under the occupation of #Amhara & #Eritrea forces. What is happening is an ethnic cleansing & state sponsored #HumeraMassacre. #TigrayGenocide @UN_HRC @StateDept https://t.co/M780FeQ4Mf

2. Thousands of males, aged 15 to 50, are held in concentration camps in #WesternTigray subjected to brutal forms of torture and eventual death. How long should this be allowed to continue? #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @JosepBorrellF https://t.co/3DRJJuMZE2

3. Ethnic cleansing of Western Tigray was acknowledged by @SecBlinken back in March 2021. Since then, the ethnic cleansing has gotten much worse. Save Tigrayans of W. Tigray! #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @SenatorMenendez @SenatorRisch @SenatorLeahy https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/10/politics/blinken-tigray-ethnic-cleansing/index.html

4. “Their aim is to leave no Tigrayan” - this was articulated by a Tigrayan who fled Western Tigray. The ethnic cleansing of W. Tigray has intensified recently. #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @SenBooker @SenatorCardin @BradSherman @HeikoMaas @StateDept https://bit.ly/3dk6WUC

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