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1. .@UN reports to have a new wave of "displacement" from #WesternTigray, which is currently under the occupation of #Amhara & #Eritrea forces. What is happening is an ethnic cleansing & state sponsored #HumeraMassacre. #TigrayGenocide @UN_HRC @StateDept

2. Thousands of males, aged 15 to 50, are held in concentration camps in #WesternTigray subjected to brutal forms of torture and eventual death. How long should this be allowed to continue? #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @JosepBorrellF

3. Ethnic cleansing of Western Tigray was acknowledged by @SecBlinken back in March 2021. Since then, the ethnic cleansing has gotten much worse. Save Tigrayans of W. Tigray! #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @SenatorMenendez @SenatorRisch @SenatorLeahy

4. “Their aim is to leave no Tigrayan” - this was articulated by a Tigrayan who fled Western Tigray. The ethnic cleansing of W. Tigray has intensified recently. #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @SenBooker @SenatorCardin @BradSherman @HeikoMaas @StateDept

5. In March 2021, an official of the interim admin of #Tigray stated 1 million people are unaccounted for in #WesternTigray where an active ethnic cleansing is taking place for over 1 year now. #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF

6. "There was a man which we buried yesterday, his genital area was completely severed. ... So this is the kind of trauma that we're seeing of western Tigray." #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @JosepBorrellF

7. "Bloated, drained of color from their journey, the bodies were often mutilated: genitals severed, eyes gouged, a missing limb" #Tigray|ans are being exterminated in total info blackout. #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @USAmbUN @UNOSAPG @StateDeptSpox

8. As the international community fails to take action, ethnic cleansing, brutalization, and mass murder are occurring in Humera. When will the @UN act to end the #TigrayGenocide? #HumeraMassacre @UN_HRC

9. In Humera, Tigrayans are being tortured and murdered in horrific ways. In what time frame will the world leaders demonstrate their concern for Tigray by taking concrete action? #HumeraMassacre @POTUS @SecYellen @KenyaMissionUN @Niger_ONU

10. Massacres and forced displacement of Tigrayans in Western Tigray have been described as ethnic cleansing since March of 2021. Currently, Amhara Fano are on a spree of ethnic cleansing in Humera! #HumeraMassacre @UN_HRC @UNOSAPG @StateDeptSpox

11. For >1yr, Tigrayans in Western Tigray have been massacred, tortured, forcibly displaced behind info blackout. Today, the ethnic cleansing campaign is much worse #TigrayGenocide #HumeraMassacre @GCR2P @SAdamsR2P @CommissionerHR @EURightsAgency @StateDept

12. Ethnic cleansing campaign in Western Tigray was acknowledged back in March 2021, but the world has forgotten about the Tigrayans being massacred, forcibly displaced there. #TigrayGenocide #HumeraMassacre @JosepBorrellF @JanezLenarcic @JuttaUrpilainen

13. Tigrayans in Humera in Western #Tigray are under attack by Amhara militia. Reports of rape, killings, concentration camps, & abduction into Eritrea of Tigrayans. #HumeraMassacre @USAmbUN @SecBlinken @StateDept @SenateForeign @AsstSecStateAF @_hudsonc @EU_Commission @PowerUSAID

14. Across Ethiopia, Tigrayans are being hunted down & put in concentration camps. They have nowhere to seek safety. US must condemn & use every means to stop #TigrayMassArrests. @ChrisVanHollen @SenatorHagerty @SenMarkey @SenatorLeahy @RepMikeQuigley

15. "The Amharas intensified their raids in western Tigray in recent weeks, leaving several people dead or detained, according to the people." #TigrayGenocide #TigrayMassArrests .@GermanyDiplo @francediplo_EN @ItalyMFA @SweMFA @DutchMFA @SpainMFA @EUCouncil

16. Across Ethiopia, Tigrayans are being detained in concentration camps. "Thousands of males, aged 15 to 50, have been held in makeshift detention centers" #TigrayMassArrests @SenateForeign @CFR_org @SFRCdems @HouseForeignGOP @EP_President @eucopresident

17. History is replete with mass atrocities following detention of civilians in camps. In Ethiopia, we are witnessing such a possibility with thousands of Tigrayans mass detained. Stop #TigrayMassArrests NOW! @dubravkasuica @MargSchinas @luigidimaio

18. In Ethiopia, Tigrayans are being abducted & placed in overcrowded internment camps with inadequate food, water, sanitation. This injustice violates int'l human rights & MUST BE STOPPED NOW. #TigrayMassArrests @JamesDuddridge @RitaFrenchFCDO @SDoughtyMP

19. .@POTUS, @EU_Commission, @FCDOGovUK & @UN must make every effort to achieve the release of >30K Tigrayans mass detained in Addis Ababa alone. #TigrayMassArrests @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @DominicRaab @HeikoMaas @USAmbUN @AsstSecStateAF @SenateForeign

20. Tigrayans are having to hide their ethnicity & accents as they're being forced out of jobs based on their ethnicity. Int'l community must bring an end to #TigrayMassArrests. @RepMcCaul @JosepBorrellF @JanezLenarcic @CommissionerHR @EURightsAgency